Review By Hollis

Red Deer , Sunday Sept. 18th 2005 (280km round trip)

Got the Dodge Caravan back from Canadian Tire, looked at the work they did but didn’t see any shinny new parts. I was sure it was done, otherwise the car would still be leaking fluid.

After a short drive to Red Deer , from Calgary , we noticed a clicking sound coming from the engine, hum “what now” I thought! We’ll have to take it back to Canadian Tire in the morning.

Missed the support band, Stairwell, but still couldn’t get those Guest Passes. I didn’t want to push it so I spoke to a security guy at the Memorial Centre, who went to see Tom. He came back and confirmed that we could go anywhere at the venue, but we decided to take our seats, which were right at the back in the corner until “My White Bicycle”, then we went up to the stage like a few people did. Sabrina Orange was already there, although we didn’t know her just yet. It wasn’t as loud as Edmonton the night before so the front was great. I knew my ears would be OK. Once Sabrina had moved from her spot at the front of the stage we moved in to take pole position.

The Band were superb once more. For some reason Dan was in a talkative mood and spent a lot of time between songs getting to know the crowd. Just as he was getting ready to sing “Bad Bad Boys” a song about sex, so he says, he asked the crowd what they called sex in Canada and someone yelled out F^&king. Well Dan stepped back in shock, ha! It was a great interaction with the crowd.

It is always great to see the whole band, Dan, Pete, Lee and Jimmy singing, that old “German” Love Song, or non-love song, depending on how you look at it, “Hearts Grown Cold”. It was do well done. I didn’t realize they were all so talented. Beautiful song, yet very sad.

Just to jump ahead now to after the show we stuck around to see the guys. The security team was claiming that they didn’t know where they were. Along came Sabrina Orange, which is her stage name. She was actually wearing all orange clothing, down to her shoes. OK the t-shirt was green but let’s not get into too much detail.

Sabrina had actually gone back stage and into Nazareth changing room while the guys were getting ready for the show. She’s so bold!! She got her CD signed and was very happy. The band were not put out at all and thought it was great that someone found them. She still wanted to get her mom in to see the band. The security guy that we saw at the start of the show came and got me and Frances to go back stage, but he too us to some place way upstairs where that was load of grub, but no band! We stuffed our faces anyway and Sabrina came up to help herself too. Where were Dan, Pete, Jimmy and Lee? Well Sabrina, being a veteran at 22, had a nose for this place and within 5 mins we were taking photos with our heros, and Debbie, Sabrina’s mom.

Oh, I have to mention Michael Dorman. I haven’t seen him since last year in Calgary . He helped Many Charlton produce the latest Nazareth DVD, “In the Beginning”. You have to get this if you don’t have it. We also took a load more pictures.

Well, now that we got a fix of our band it was time to head back home to Calgary . We dropped Sabrina and her mom, Debbie, off at their house before we set off for Calgary . Hoping that the van would get us home. Sabrina showed us photos of her 2 ½ month old baby girl, Serenity. Ain’t life wonderful when you meet people like this. Make sure you keep in touch Sabrina Orange. Friends are a gift you give to yourself

Onward bound we went to Calgary in the gimpy van. What the hell did Canadian Tire do, or should I say didn’t do? Got home at 1AM and the van sounded like a box of crickets and fussetts!! Gotta get this fixed before the road trip to Saskatchewan .

What another great show. Great venue. Wonderful music and great friends all round. This is life.

Dave (a.k.a. Hollis Brown)
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