Review By Hollis

Trochu, Friday Sept. 16th 2005 (260km round trip)

Well, we almost didn't make it. The water pump on our car blew off (at least that’s what it sounded like) and we broke down 2 minutes north of Calgary . The fan belt was in tatters and there was cooling fluid all over the road. It was already 7:45 !!! I had to think fast and thought that the CAA wouldn't get there quick enough so I called a very good friend, who was home at the time and he came and got us, took us home and we set off again in the "other" car that we hadn't even fired up in 5 month's. I have to give a BIG thanks to Keith for giving us the time and come and save the day, even on his birthday, what a star. THANKS MATE!! Anyway, I called the CAA in the mean time and they came and got the car and planted it at Canadian Tire in Country Hills, so I have to go over there and get that sorted today. Thank God we have another car! So as we set off in the back-up and actually passed the CAA guy, who had already picked up the poor, water pumpless car. We were running out of time so I had to do 140km/hr just about all the way to Trochu. It was a brilliant night, clear sky and the moon was bright, which helped light up the road.

We got to the venue and walked in just as the intro to Nazareth came on. What timing that was eh!! We quickly bought 2 t-shirts for $30 each, which was money well spent in my books. Then we stood at the back as they came on stage and started with “Miss Misery”. WOW, they're back...but the sound was pretty bad and I saw Tom, the roadie, looking a little upset at the quality of the sound. Anyway, after the first tune, the guys sent off stage while Tom arranged some things and then 10 minutes later they were back with a rip roaring “Razamanaz”. At this point we have just got our first beers in had and still standing at the back. We couldn't take our bevies beyond the "roped" area due to it being a venue that allowed youngsters.

That was cool though 'cos the acoustics where great at the back, but we wanted to get closer so we were at the stage, with beers in hand by the time they played "Turn on Your Receiver". Then there was the "always" fun tune of the "Son of a Bitch" song and everyone had fun singing that one.

The encore started with "Love Hurts" so Frances and I danced to that one. Then came the final song of the night" Night Woman". We had a blast with the Trochu folk, they were so nice and then when Jimmy threw some pleck's into the crowd I tried to get one and wacked my head against this other guys head. F%^k, that hurt, I almost got knocked out. Anyway, since I was still standing and not on the deck, I made a second attempt and got it!! YEAH.

We hung around after the gig and watched the road crew pack-up the stage, hoping we'd get in to see them band. Well it wasn't long before we were there. Pete signed Frances ' new t-shirt across the chest of course, so he had a good feel, with my permission of course. We told Pete that we're going to a load of shows and following them so he called Tom over and asked him to get 2 guest passes for us. Wow, we can be official Nazareth guest starting tomorrow night in Edmonton .

More to follow later ……………………….

OFFICIAL Trochu Set List.
Miss Misery
Kentucky Fried Blues
This Month's Messiah
Bad Bad Boy
Love Leads to Madness
My White Bicycle
Heart's Grown Cold
Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Turn On Your Receiver
Hair of the Dog
Love Hurts
Night Woman

Dave (a.k.a. Hollis Brown)
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Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
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